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When protecting an opening against high blast levels, the window (or door) is equipped with a thin cable stretched
between the jambs.
The glass “balloons” in and stretches the cable that
activates the energy-absorbing devices located at its ends.
This is Arpal Defender’s Energy-Absorbing “cable catch” system.
  Arpal Defender can incorporate blast protection in new and existing construction as well as in landmark and historic buildings. See examples of our blast mitigation-resistant products in a variety of applications.

Arpal Defender’s Energy-absorbing technology
   Results in minimal load transfer to the opening
 Eliminates heavy glazing units and massive framing
 Reduces hazards posed to people
  Eliminates additional reinforcement of openings in retrofit projects
  Offers engineering flexibility that meets most architectural design

  Allows for egress from buildings


Over the years Arpal Defender has conducted hundreds of hours of blast tests under a variety of conditions, including open-air, live, and full scale blast testing. Arpal collaborates with government agencies, private blast consultants, and engineers to meet standards and building codes in a number of industries.


  Arpal Defender products have been involved in the following testing programs:
  GSA (General Services Administration) up to level 2
  U.S. Department of Defense for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) list
  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the U.S. Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism Construction Standard
  Ministry of Defense (Israel)
  Home Front Command (Israel)
  Technical Support Working Group (TSWG)
  Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  Department of State

Testing allows Arpal to develop new products, to meet standards from government and industry, to qualify its products, and to generate a reliable database of testing information. Arpal’s windows are suitable for buildings retrofitted to resist blast loads when designed according to accepted codes, standards, and design guidelines.

Tried and Tested
Arpal has conducted extensive R&D and live, full-scale blast testing both in Israel, the United States, and Europe. All Arpal Defender products are designed to meet strict specifications